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Peyronie's Disease Treatment

MANSMATTERS is the UK’s leading provider of an innovative protocol for men who suffer from Peyronie’s Disease: a bent, deformed, or curved penis. Using technology pioneered in breaking kidney stones, combined with a further three breakthrough technologies, specialists, at our Surrey and London clinics, undertake this treatment to the affected area. This results in a straightening of the curvature without discomfort or painful surgery or any reduction in penile sensitivity or length and restoring erectile function. As a result, we have enabled numerous patients to rediscover a healthy and pain-free sex life.

Peyronie’s Disease can affect men of all ages and is caused by different traumas ranging from vigorous sex, a low tackle on the rugby field or conditions like diabetes. Any of these can cause fibrous plaque to build up in blood vessels and penile tissue. This plaque build-up then restricts that side of the penis from expanding when the penis becomes erect. This results is that the penis curves upwards, downwards, sideways and occasionally around the circumference.


Patients suffering from Peyronie’s Disease have a much greater likelihood of suffering from erectile dysfunction. In order for a man to have a strong erection, up to a 20x increase of blood needs to flows into the penis. This is inhibited when fibrous plaque forms in the many thousands of blood vessels. Our treatment will not only dissipate the fibrous plaque in the region of the Peyronie’s, but also reduce overall plaque, leading to longer lasting, fuller and stronger erections. More information on this treatment and the latest medical research can be found here.

MANSMATTERS is the first London clinic to use this treatment programme for men who suffer from Peyronie’s Disease, erectile dysfunction and prostatitis (pelvic pain syndrome). Our experienced consultants have helped patients at our Knightsbridge and Richmond clinics, treating young men through to those in their 90’s. Our personalised treatment plans accommodate men who want a sexual boost.

Peyronie’s Disease Treatment Reviews – From Recent Clients

“I suffered severe Peyronie’s disease for over 10 years, which prevented me from having sexual intercourse. Within three weeks of seeing Dr Leon, I was able to enjoy intercourse with my wife for the first time for many years.JL

“I suffered both Peyronie’s disease and Erectile dysfunction and it was a downward spiral. Mansmatters joint protocol treatment substantially increased the power of my erections, eliminated pain and improved the curvature. I was about to have surgery and was thankful I didn’t.” HT

“Pain was stopped after the very first session. Scaring softened by the third session. Erection was back to normal, fulness and hardness. Still a very slight curve, but I think this was natural. Extremely pleased with the outcome.” CE

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Our core team of experts has been drawn together to provide the latest non-invasive techniques in treating Peyronie’s Disease using a combination of ground breaking shockwave therapy, combined with psychosexual counselling, sexual function exercises and medical dietary guidance.

With expertise in dealing with Pelvic Pain Syndrome & Erectile Dysfunction, we believe we have more experience in dealing with these male problems than any other clinic in the UK & Europe.


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