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Peyronie's Disease & Depression

Some men suffer depression because of a severe medical condition and others because of a life changing experience. For many men the development of pain and the shock of increase curvature in their penis is extremely distressing. If you are one on the many men in this unenviable situation, we can help you.




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Navigating the Intersection of Peyronie's Disease and Depression

The symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED) and the struggle to have satisfactory sexual intercourses, can lead to diminished confidence leading to depression. In one study 48% of men with Peyronie's disease were diagnosed with depression, with 21% being at the severe end of the spectrum.

From our clinical experience, Peyronie's disease depression can be avoided by many men if they sought help early on and all available treatment options fully explored.



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Addressing Psychosexual and Relationship Challenges in Peyronie's Disease

In the vast majority of cases, men suffer in silence as the bend of their penis increases. Some men avoid having sex or talking with their partners, leading to psychosexual and relationship breakdown. It is not rare for a patient to show emotional distress when they first visit our clinic, or express eternal gratitude after successful treatment. In some instances, it is necessary for us to combine shockwave therapy with a psychosexual councillor.

Men who seek treatment have often faced an uphill battle. At a GP level they may be prescribed topical treatment for pains and eventually referred to a urologist. This often occurs over a lengthy time period during which depression and fear has the chance to set in.






You can find out more by watching the video below – after you have done this continue reading about Avoiding Surgery for Peyronie's Disease & Shockwave Therapy for Peyronie's Disease that follows it.






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Avoiding Surgery for Peyronie's Disease

In many cases, invasive and life-changing surgery is recommended by the NHS or private Urology clinics. This can be in the form of penile plication which shortens the penis up to 2 inches. Alternatively, penile implants are surgically fitted, which mean an erection cannot be achieved naturally. The penis has to be pumped up via a silicon reservoir.

A riskier grafting operation may also be recommended, where the fibrous plaque is removed and replaced by new tissue. This procedure has a risk of causing partial erectile dysfunction. You can find out more about the surgery options on our Peyronie's Disease Treatment Options page.

To many men, having their manhood operated on in such a way is an anathema to their very being, exacerbating the feelings of depression further.



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Focused Shockwave Therapy for Peyronie's Disease

In the majority of cases we have treated, we have reduced the curvature in the penis through focused shockwave therapy thus avoiding the need for painful invasive surgery.

The Focused Shockwave technology, which was originally invented to break up kidney and gall stones without the need for operations, breaks up the fibrous plaque that causes the penis to bend. This enables the penis to straighten while the fibrous plaque is dissipated and reabsorbed and recycled by the body.





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