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Peyronie's Disease, Alcohol & Smoking

Do you worry that drinking or smoking, now or in the past may be causing problems with your sex life? If you have, or think you have, Peyronie's Disease (PD), this may be a potential contributor to your problem.





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Insights from Research on Alcohol Consumption and Cigarette Smoking

There is growing evidence that suggests that alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking may play a role in the development of PD.

One study showed that cigarette smoking can be considered a risk factor in the development of PD and that this risk progressively increases with the number of cigarettes smoked. Specifically, another study showed that 40% of smokers were affected by PD while the number of non-smokers affected was just 26%.

A history of alcohol use can cause metabolic disorders, such as hyperlipidemia, which means that your blood contains too many lipids (or fats), such as cholesterol and triglycerides.




Understanding the Influence of Lifestyle Factors on Peyronie's Disease

These can contribute to the onset of heart disease and blood circulation problems and therefore can have an influence on the onset of blood hypertension and could be considered an important risk factor for PD.

Moreover, long-term use of beta-blockers to treat hypertension has been found to be prevalent in patients with PD.

Based on this most doctors recommend lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction associated with PD, including quitting smoking, reducing alcohol consumption, exercising more regularly and also avoiding illegal drugs.





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