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Peyronie's Disease Hourglass Shape

Do you have an unusual bend in your penis like an hourglass or an egg timer? If so, this may be a condition often referred to as Hourglass Shape, Hourglass Appearance or Penile Narrowing “Waist”.

It results from a band of scar tissue developing around middle of the penile shaft and a narrowing of the penis there. We have successfully treated men with this problem, so please read on to find out more.





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The Cause of Penile Narrowing

This Peyronie's Disease Hourglass Shape and penile narrowing is caused by scar formation in the penis. The scar is called “Peyronie's Plaque” when it can be felt. Scar tissue doesn't stretch like healthy tissue, and the plaque formation pulls on the surrounding tissue resulting in thinning and narrowing of the penile circumference and thus an indentation on the penis occurs.

Some men have no visible curvature while still having thinning and narrowing of the penile shaft. This can happen in the early onset of the disease. You may feel a lump in the penis before the hourglass appearance develops and the hourglass shape may only be noticeable with a very strong erection.

A frequent problem with this thinning and narrowing of the penis in one place are poor quality bent erections causing pain during sexual penetration to both you and your partner. Sometimes the areas immediately before or after the narrowing does not get sufficiently hard when erect.

This is sometimes referred to as Hard Flaccid Syndrome, which we write about on our partner website. 

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Penile Trauma and Peyronie's Disease

The onset of Peyronie's disease is usually caused by some type of injury to the penis. Most often this happens during vigorous vaginal intercourse, bending of the penis during sex or pressure from a partner's pubic bone.

It can also be caused by sports injuries, car accidents and traumatic masturbation which puts excessive pressure on the penis. There are also cases reported caused by the use of sex aids such as penis extenders, rubber tubes or other types of penis rings placed around the base of the penis – any of these can cause damage to the penis if the blood flow is blocked for too long.






Treating Peyronie's Disease Hourglass Shape

Historically, the only solution to treating Peyronie's Disease Hourglass Shape was penile traction therapy or penile surgery. This is an invasive surgery performed under anaesthetic during which the unaffected side of the penis is shortened to straighten the penis. Sometimes, circumcision may also be undertaken at the same time to help improve the outcome of the surgery.  

However, the development of shockwave therapy has transformed the treatment of Peyronie's disease. It is completely non-invasive, and the shockwaves help break up the plaque that has developed in the penis. Simultaneously, the unique combination of therapy's that we have developed also manage Erectile Dysfunction which is a frequent comorbidity with Peyronie's Disease.















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