Stages of peyronie's disease

Urologists divide Peyronie's disease into two stages - first the acute stage, followed by the chronic stage.

During both phases, the bent/curved penis may cause problems with pain or engaging in sexual intercourse. Simultaneously you also may have Erectile Dysfunction.

The evolution of Peyronie's disease usually develops over a period of 6-months, during which it should be constantly observed so that the appropriate treatment to the stage in which it is in can be provided.





an illustration showing off the stages of plaque formation in Peyronie's Disease

Stage One – The Acute Phase

In the acute stage plaque starts forming within the penis and increases in size and develops in shape.

Patients will experience some pain or discomfort, a bending of the penis and often a hardening or lump in one area. Most conventional treatments are not recommended during this stage. However, our specialist therapies which include Focused Shockwave Therapy, has the ability to break down plaque and is an excellent solution to prevent your condition becoming more severe. It should also overcome the onset of ED which is an associated problem for many men.



an illustration showing the process of penile plague forming in Peyronie's Disease

Stage Two – The Chronic Phase

During the Chronic stage the plaque is fully formed and hardened, and pain has normally disappeared. The blood vessels around the afflicted area are clogged up with minute plaques and the penis will bend on erection.

In most cases the patient will suffer partial erectile dysfunction, a loss of girth and length and a softening at the end of the penis.

Historically, the only treatment at this stage has been life changing invasive surgery. This might be for Penile Plication, a shortening of the penis of up to 2 inches to straighten it, or the insertion of penile implants.

Thankfully we are able to avoid the horror of surgery for the vast majority of men.






A better option for peyronie's disease therapy

At MANSMATTERS we have treated 1000's of men across the world with our non-invasive treatments that includes Focused ShockWave Therapy (FSWT).

FSWT breaks up the plaque within the penis which is secreted from the body naturally. The treatment not only straightens the penis, but also increases blood flow within it, providing enhanced nerve sensitivity, improved sexual function, and rejuvenated sexual satisfaction.

We have treated men who have not had sex for many years, who are now able to have a happy and fulfilled sex life free of Peyronie's Disease – you can read their reviews of their treatment and results by reading some of their testimonials below.






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