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Peyronie's Disease Case Studies

Original handwritten copies of these reviews can be read at our clinic when you visit us.   more  

Peyronie’s Disease and Sex

The impact of Peyronie’s Disease can have a catastrophic impact on a patient and their partners' sex life. Many couples ignore penis curvature for months or years before seeking me...  more  

Peyronie’s Disease Hourglass Shape

Do you have an unusual bend in your penis like an hourglass or an egg timer? If so, this may be a condition often referred to as Hourglass Shape, Hourglass Appearance or Penile Nar...  more  

Stages of Peyronie’s Disease

The evolution of Peyronie’s disease usually develops over a period of 6-months, during which it should be constantly observed so that the appropriate treatment to the stage in whic...  more  

PD Radio Interview

Recorded at The Royal Society of Medicine in London in August 2021, this radio interview with our Senior Consultant at MansMatters, Mr. Almashan, explores the causes of Peyronie’s ...  more  

FAQs about Peyronie’s Disease

Find answers to some of the common-asked questions we here at our Peyronie’s disease clinic.  more  

History of Peyronie’s Disease

This article looks at the history of Peyronie’s Disease and looks at some of the medical therapies, including surgical treatment, that have been used to overcome it and the expecte...  more  

Peyronie's Plaque

If you believe you have developed Peyronie’s Disease (PD) have a bent penis and because of it suffer pain during sexual intercourse or, cause pain to your partner, we recommend tha...  more  

Peyronie's Treatment Video

Peyronie’s disease can occur at any age, but whenever it does it brings problems not just with embarrassment with erections but also anxiety at sharing the complications with their...  more  

When A Lump on the Penis is not Peyronie’s Disease

Not every lump on the penis is an indication of Peyronie’s Disease (PD) - Many of the swellings that men report to having on their penis are not infectious and do not need treatmen...  more