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Peyronie's Disease & Smoking

Peyronie's Disease & Smoking

Are men who smoke at greater risk of Peyronie’s disease? Whilst we have strong evidence from clinical trials, we do know that smoking is bad for your health. Smoking can affect a number of your bodily functions and lead to a number of complications. As a corollary, these complications can be strong contributory factors in the development of Peyronie’s disease. Some of these contributory factors are listed below the video.

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Constricted Blood Vessels

Smoking can restrict blood vessels and cause them to narrow. This increases your chances of both a heart attack and high blood pressure. Healthy blood vessels are an essential part of achieving and gaining erections and the prevention of Peyronie’s disease.

Heart Disease

Smoking is a long-established factor in heart disease. It affects both those that smoke and those that are subject to smoke exhaled by others. Men with heart disease are prescribed Beta blockers, which are a known contributory factor in Peyronie’s disease.

High Cholesterol

There is both good and bad cholesterol. Smoking will decrease good cholesterol known as HDL and increase bad cholesterol, known as LDL. It also increases triglycerides, which are fats in the blood. The increased bad fat in the blood can lead to greater plaque forming in the penis, resulting in Peyronie’s disease.

High Blood Pressure

High Blood pressure can gradually damage the linings of your arteries and will accelerate vascular disease (a degeneration of the health of blood vessels, arteries and veins). Unhealthy blood vessels, that cannot function properly can lead to an increase of fibrous plaques and Peyronie’s disease.


It is well established that type 2 diabetes progresses much more swiftly in men that smoke. Smoking increases the insulin resistance in the body. You can find out more about Peyronie’s disease and diabetes by following the link.

Although we cannot definitively state that Peyronie’s Disease can be caused by smoking, there is sufficient evidence to suggest that is very bad and has a detrimental effect on many of your bodily functions and are thus contributory factors in developing Peyronie’s disease.

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