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Peyronie’s Disease & Diabetes

Peyronie's Disease & Diabetes.

Peyronie's Disease & Diabetes

Men suffering Diabetes, both type 1 and Type 2, have a far greater risk of Peyronie’s disease than the national average of 9% of adult males. They are also more vulnerable to erectile dysfunction and many will notice a decline in their erections as they progress from the Acute through to the Chronic stage of Peyronie’s disease.

Some studies have further shown that diabetics will suffer a higher degree of curvature or deformity in their penis, which in some cases will mean their ability to have sex will be impossible. Before the advent of Shockwave therapy, the only long-term options for male diabetics were penile plication and shortening or penile implants.

Diabetics have a compromised immune system due to problems of carrying too much sugar in their blood. This will lead to a build-up of plaque within their arteries and blood vessels. The worse the level of blood sugar control, the greater the chance a diabetic man will suffer from Peyronie’s diseases.

The blood sugar in a diabetic can damage both the nerve tissues and the blood vessels in the penis. It is also often the case, that Peyronie’s disease patients will lose a degree of sexual sensitivity as well as their ability to have a solid erection. Many diabetics as they get older will also notice a stiffening in their hands and a loss of sensitivity in their feet or the onset of diabetic neuropathy. This is all related to a compromised immune system and sugar in the blood.

Maintaining An Erection if You Have Diabetes

Patients may not be aware that they have compromising fibrous plaque within their bodily system. Apart from minor swelling, other parts of our body do not expand in size and shape like a man’s manhood.

Men are designed in such a manner, that when the electrical impulse in their head tells them to have an erection, up to 20 times as much blood flows into the penis filling out and expanding the thousands of blood vessels. The health of this flow is dependent on having clean arteries, veins and unimpeded blood vessels. With a male diabetic patient a number of these blood vessels will clog up with minute plaques, or become damaged through injury. Then over a period of time plaque will start joining together leading to Peyronie’s disease.

Focused shockwave therapy, with its ability to breakdown plaque is the only non-surgical, long term solution for diabetics who want to avoid surgery. 

This recent study showed that Shockwave therapy helped  Peyronie’s disease diabetes patients.

However, diabetics should also consider their lifestyle choices as higher blood sugars will increase dangerous plaque around the body.

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