The majority of London clinics specialise in surgical procedures, which cost up to £14,000. While some may own a shockwave machine, they do not specialise in this area and do not have extensive experience of the machine or the best course of treatment. In the majority of circumstances, they will recommend invasive surgery.

Whilst we are not opposed to invasive surgery, we see this as the last resort and have only on very rare occasions had to refer patients.

In addition, not all shockwave technology is the same. There are many inferior technologies that are perfectly good for orthopaedic treatments but not for Peyronie’s disease, where the shockwaves need focusing directly into the effected region.

We use Swiss engineered Storz DUOLITH® SD1  which is recognised in the medical field as the leading shockwave technology. This allows us to use effective focussed shockwaves.