How do you differ from other Peyronie’s clinics?

The majority of London clinics specialise in surgical procedures, which cost up to £14,000. While some may own a shockwave machine, they do not specialise in this area and do not have extensive experience of the machine or the best course of treatment. In the majority of circumstances, they will recommend invasive surgery.Whilst we are [...]

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How is my privacy safeguarded?

We offer a totally discreet and private service. We fully understand the sensitive nature of this treatment and will agree the best method to communicate with you from our first contact onwards. Please read our privacy page for more detail or information.

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Do you offer a visiting service?

We treat Peyronie’s patients in clinics in Richmond upon Thames and Knightsbridge. Home visits are only available in exceptional circumstances by special arrangement.

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Can I have breaks in the programme?

We recommend that the programme runs on schedule from start to finish with no more than a two week break where possible. For longer breaks additional shockwave treatments may be prescribed.

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What is your treatment programme?

You will be assessed for eligibility at an initial consultation. The standard treatment programme for Peyronie’s disease consists of six bi-weekly or weekly, 30-minute visits. If you are being treating for ED and Peyronies disease a bespoke treatment programme will be prescribed by the consultant.

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What preparation do I need to do today before my treatment?

You will need to provide us with your medical history and full details of any medication you are currently taking, so we can ensure you are a candidate for shockwave therapy. You should also remove excess hair from the penile regions and ensure good hygiene before the visit.

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