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Shortening Corporoplasty & Combined Plication-Incision

Peyronie's Disease & Shortening Corporoplasty

Shortening procedures aim to improve penile aesthetic appearance and penile functioning of the shaft. Side effects in terms of penile shortening include curvature recurrence, penile sensory changes, pain or discomfort during an erection or sexual activity and postoperative erectile dysfunction.

Half of the patients undergoing Shortening Corporoplasty notice a loss of penile length while just over 20% report penile numbness after the procedure.

Advocates of shortening corporoplasty say that it provides reliable surgical outcomes with a very low risk of postoperative complications and that pre-operative evaluation and an extended counselling are the key-points leading to the best outcomes.

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Combined Plication-Incision (CPI) Corporoplasty

Compared with standard penile plication, Combined Plication-Incision (CPI) corporoplasty for penile curvature correction is a very new technique.

In CPI sutures are applied on the convex side of the penis. The CPI procedure avoids complete incision of the Tunica Albuginea (TA) which may compromise the erectile rigidity postoperatively. At the same time CPI takes advantage of the healing incised edges and avoid the mere dependence on the sutures as in other plication techniques.

While the CPI technique resulted in less penile shortening of 0.5 cm in just under 25% of surgery, a third of patients still complained of palpable knots in the penis shaft.

If you elect for CPI surgery or shortening corporoplasty you should discuss the implications of the surgery fully with your doctor, consultant or surgeon before going ahead. It might also be sensible to discuss this with your partner.

The alternative to penile plication is Shockwave therapy. This avoids invasive surgery and stitch problems while reducing curvature or eliminating it completely without any loss of penis length and sensitivity.

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