Shockwave Therapy for Peyronie’s Disease

MANSMATTERS was the original clinic in the UK to administer a comprehensive, non-invasive programme of shockwave treatments for Peyronie’s disease, employing a revolutionary course of extracorporeal focused shockwave therapy, combined with complementary therapies.

Today, hundreds of men, some who had suffered for years, have been able to resume a Peyronie’s free life following treatment at Mansmatters.

The Stages of Peyronie’s Disease

Up to 9% of men suffer from permanent Peyronie’s disease and the majority endure this in silence. Prior to this programme, they only alternative choice faced by Peyronie’s disease sufferers, was to live with the affliction, which in the small minority of instances went away naturally or to use non-invasive methods to mitigate the pain and severity of the curvature. All of these treatment options are covered in Peyronies disease Treatment options.

After approximately eighteen months from the initial onset of Peyronie’s disease, this left the majority of men the lifechanging decision of living with the condition and in some cases, no longer have a normal sex life, or going under the surgeon’s knife.

For others, Peyronie’s Disease, with its restriction on a healthy blood flow to the penis was a strong contributory factor in the onset of erectile dysfunction, caused by an impaired vascular system and the build-up of fatty tissues in surrounding blood vessels. Leaving many sufferers with a bent, shorter and less effective penis.

Shockwave Treatment for Peyronie’s Disease

Mansmatters extracorporeal focused shockwave therapy was the first, permanent non-invasive medical treatment in the UK that provided prolonged, natural recovery. It is suitable for men with both minor curvature and severe bends.

All treatments are undertaken by highly experienced practitioners with years of experience, treating individual and stubborn cases. With the aid of diagnostic ultrasound and the practitioners experience, a diagnosis of the position, depth and severity or the fibrous plaque is undertaken, and a treatment protocol devised.


There are multiple shockwave technologies in the market, many used in orthopaedic and aesthetic applications, but Peyronie’s disease requires specialist’s shockwave that can accurately focus in and dissipate the fibrous plaque, so it breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces and is absorbed into the bodily waste system.

The shockwaves are administered to the patient, who lays supine on a medical couch. The penis is then placed on a penis table and the shockwave is administered via an external probe. The shockwaves enter the penis at the rate of 1500 metres per second.

The treatment is not painful and only minor discomfort will be felt. In the majority of cases, patients notice improvement at session three or four, however, we have treated men who have seen a significant improvement after the first session. The reasons for this variance, have not been fully explored in clinical trials. In addition to treating Peyronies disease, there is a further option of treating erectile dysfunction or rewinding your years and providing a sexual boost – a permanent Viagra effect.

Each treatment will last approximately 30 minutes and after leaving one of our clinics you will be able to resume your daily life as before.

Prior to visiting a clinic, each patient is spoken to over the phone by a consultant to determine your eligibility and whether you have any underlying medical conditions, that would prevent a course of treatment being administered.


Focused Shockwave therapy has no side-effects, is not invasive and requires the same time as a check-up visit to the dentist.

How Does Shockwave Therapy for Peyronie’s Disease Work?

We use a Swiss engineered shockwave technology, STORZ DUOLITH® SD1 which emits  shock wave at 1500 metres a second. Inferior shockwaves, that are unsuitable for treatment, and advertised by other practitioners. only deliver shockwaves at 10 metres a second. These are unable to break up the fibrous plaque, recruit healthy stem cells, or allow the vascular and nervous system to naturally repair itself.

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