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Peyronie's Disease & Paget's Disease of the Bone

Paget's disease of the bone effects over 3.7% of people the UK and is common in Europe but less prevalent around the world.

Although there is limited research, one study found that one third of all Paget's disease of the bone patients also suffered Peyronie's disease. Although further investigation is required, they share similar changes in the body including an imbalance of collagen, neurological issues, cardiac disease, and calcium imbalance.






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Understanding Paget's Disease of the Bone

Paget's disease of the bone is a disorder of bone growth and bone structure (osteitis deformans).  It is the second most common bone disease after osteoporosis. The condition occurs when the bone breaks down and then remodels itself too quickly, resulting in overgrowth in different areas.

Some patients have no symptoms, and it is discovered by chance through X-ray, whereas other patients experience pain deformities and in some instance's arthritis.  The changes in bone occur at the ends of the bone at around a rate 1 cm year until the bones are widened and non-uniform in their structure.


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Peyronie's Disease in Patients with Paget's Disease

If you suffer from Paget's disease of the bone and have noticed pain or a bend in your penis, you need to be assessed for Peyronie's disease as the study above suggest a high correlation between the two.

Focused ShockWave Therapy (FSWT) is a proven, safe and pain free procedure for treating Peyronie's disease and is undertaken at our Richmond upon Thames and central London clinics.














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MansMatters are specialists in non-invasive, nonsurgical procedures. We do not offer surgery but have professional relationships with leading surgical urologists and andrologists who undertake different types of Peyronie's disease surgery. If you would like to know more about surgical options, then please click here.

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