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Peyronie's Disease & Low Testosterone

A question posed by a number of Peyronie's disease patients is whether low testosterone (low T) contributes to Peyronie's Disease.

Testosterone deficiency and Peyronie's disease often occur at the same time of life and contribute to erectile dysfunction, the inability for a man to have an erection firm enough and to be sustained in order to have satisfactory penetrative sexual intercourse.





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Relationship Between Testosterone Levels & Peyronie's Disease

It has been hypothesised that the two conditions are linked, and a number of studies have been undertaken. In five out of the six studies a correlation was found, however, the sixth study had inconclusive results.

More recently a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine investigated the relationship between low testosterone, Peyronie's Disease (PD) and Erectile Dysfunction (ED). They also looked at whether low T levels played any part in the severity of Peyronie's Disease. 



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Examining the Role of Testosterone Levels in Erectile Dysfunction and Peyronie's Disease

The study found that there was little difference in testosterone levels between men with ED and PD. It also found that penile curvature and the severity of Peyronie's disease bore no relationship with low testosterone. However, men with PD and ED are more likely to have low testosterone, suggesting that low T is a common feature among men that suffer ED and PD rather than being  a causative feature.














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