Peyronie’s Disease Treatments

We have put together this video about Peyronie’s disease treatments so that people suffering from the disease and their partners can have a better understanding of the treatment options.

Peyronie’s disease can occur at any age, but whenever it does it brings problems not just with embarrassment with erections but also anxiety at sharing the complications with partners, whether female or male.

Around 10% of men in the UK suffering from Peyronie’s Disease, the problem is far more prevalent than has previously been acknowledged.

At our clinics we have successfully treated men of all ages who have gone on to resume a satisfactory sex life after years of frustration.

One of the side effects of Peyronie’s disease is Erectile Dysfunction (ED). We successfully treat this as part of the treatment or as an additional programme of ED therapy. This treatment results in more blood flowing into the penis, thus enabling stronger erections and increasing the sensitivity of the penis. As a result men enjoy more satisfying and fulfilling intercourse.

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Our website is the only one in the UK – and perhaps in the world – that explores the nature and problems associated with Peyronie’s disease & Peyronie’s disease treatments. We receive thousands of visits to it every day as sufferers seek a solution to their penis health problems.


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