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Peyronie's disease treatment success stories.

Peyronie's Disease Treatment Success Stories

If you have Peyronie’s Disease you will likely have seen doctors, urologists and trawled the web to find a solution to your problem. Getting Peyronie’s disease is an unnerving experience and a serious condition that can result in serious outcomes. The first thing you must realise that around 1 in 10 men suffer from Peyronie’s disease, it’s just that men don’t talk about it and share their stories with their friends or even see their GPs about their problem.

Those that do usually get referred to a urologist, though the waiting times to see one can be quite lengthy. Most traditional urologists will recommend some sort of surgery to deal with the problem though an increasing number, both here in the UK and in Europe are referring patients to our clinic. Indeed, a number of our patients have been doctors that preferred trying our treatment to ‘going under the knife’.

We believe that you should share your problem with your partner. Peyronie’s disease affects all relationships, even the strongest one, but we work with you to improve your conditions and allow you to continue a healthy sex life. We receive many enquiries from wives concerned with their partners problem that their man prefers not to share; women are far more open to talking about these problems! Many ladies accompany their partner to our clinic and are equally happy with the outcome on their sex lives as their other half.

Here are a few Peyronie’s Disease treatment success stories from the recent months that we would like to share with you.

You can read the originals of all these Peyronie’s Disease Treatment success stories when you visit us at MansMatters.

“I investigated many options associated with the treatment of Peyronie’s disease and recognized that there was no guarantee of success available. However, I felt that the best I could hope for was reasonable improvement. The promise of 100% improvement was not convincing. My research concluded that Shockwave therapy must provide the best outcome and having met the team, I decided to put my trust in them.

I am delighted to say, after six weeks of therapy, that my confidence and instincts have been well-founded. I can confirm that the improvement in my condition has been far beyond my initial expectations and the result is that I am looking forward to a happy and productive sex life. Not something I could conceive of before the treatment.

I trust that those entering into therapy will  recognize that the ‘value’ of improved confidence outweighs any cost that may be apportioned to treatment. One’s confidence spills over into all areas of one’s life and this in itself is success in a word.” C.T.