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Peyronie’s Disease & Partners & Couples.

Peyronie’s Disease & Partners & Couples

The partners of Peyronie’s Disease (PD) patients often suffer from decreased sexual desire, sexual satisfaction and mood issues.

Some partners suffer pain during penetration especially if their partner has severe Penile Curvature (PC). However, many men with PD are concerned about hurting their female partner and are often reluctant to share their feelings and thoughts related to the disease. The partner often reciprocates this reluctance in sharing their feelings.

Consequently, couples can get less intimate and more distant with one another.

Dealing with this is covered on our page about Peyronie’s Disease & Psychosexual Therapy.

Partners and couples should ideally be given help around the time of PD diagnosis. Partners should be encouraged to talk this through with one another so that there is an understanding of singular or mutual pain and embarrassment.

It is usually sensible if sexual intercourse is avoided until pain reduces during PD treatment and that couples concentrate on maintaining and improving intimacy.

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