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Peyronie's Disease Case Studies

Original handwritten copies of these reviews can be read at our clinic when you visit us.

“To all chaps with Peyronie’s and erection issues – when I was 55 I noticed a small hard lump on my penis shaft the size of a pea. This slowly grew to about 30mm. I lived with this in secret which was a mistake in the long run. I read about Peyronie’s and realised it effects about 10% of men. About a year ago I contacted MansMatters – best decision I ever made. I was a little embarrassed to start with but after 1st appointment I was OK.

I’m 58 now and after a course of treatment lump is smaller and still getting smaller, my curve is less and my erections are improving and YES, happy wife and happy life. Please chaps don’t leave it like I did – make the call.” SB

“Having been referred to a consultant urologist, after a rapid increase in curvature (& associated loss of sensitivity), I was given the option of highly invasive surgery or “live with it”. I had considered the private option of Xiaflex but wasn’t convinced of the outcome given the cost.

After a gap of 2 – 3 years, I decided it was not good for my overall wellbeing to continue  to live with the negative impact of the curvature. A Google search on current treatments (I hope they had improved) led me to MansMatters. The initial telephone conversation was comprehensive and very honest.

Being anal about data, I photographed and measured changes in my erect penis. This showed a dramatic and continuing improvement from week 2/3 onwards. A 600 horizontal bend reduced to 40 by week 6. Residual vertical curvature seems to be dominated by skin that needs to stretch.

The combination of Shockwave & Magnetic treatments with supplements and (in my case) an extendo, clearly works. I am impressed with the philosophy, expertise and professionalism.” Dr. I. R.

“Pain was stopped after the very first session. Scaring softened by the third session. Erection was back to normal, fulness and hardness. Still a very slight curve, but I think this was natural. Extremely pleased with the outcome.” CE

“Excellent service, excellent professional doctors, the treatment was virtually painless and had a significant improvement on my problem. I am very happy with the results of my treatment and would recommend this to everybody who is suffering from Peyronie’s or ED. You will not be disappointed.” KJ

“I thought I’d drop you a line to thank you for giving me my life back! As you are aware I suffered with Peyronie’s disease for over 4 years with an upward curvature of 35-40 degrees which made sex impossible. I tried both Xiaflex and Verapamil injections which were hopeless and barely improved the curvature.

It was by chance I came across your website and, after an initial discussion, decided to attend a course of six sessions. It was the best decision I’ve ever made!!! In conjunction with the traction device, just 3 months after my last session my curvature has reduced to around 10 degrees and improves weekly. A great result.

I cannot thank you enough not only for the fantastic result but for making the sessions totally relaxed and I enjoyed both of your company. Thanks once again.” S.M.

 Top, top treatment.LD

“I was referred to Mr Almashan from my medical consultant in Saudi Arabia, the treatment is extremely effective and I am now clear of the condition.PW

“Within 18 months I went from being a normal male to having a curved penis and severe erectile dysfunction. My GP was quite blasé about it and prescribed me pills for the ED. Eventually I was referred to an Urologist who diagnosed Peyronie’s Disease and stated that I needed to have a procedure which involved cutting open my penis, putting in tubes and a silicon reservoir. Not only would this cost me the price of a car, I would never again be able to have natural erections.

I found the Mansmatters Clinic and the rest is history. I can now report that for a fraction of the price, I no longer have a bent penis and my sex life is back to normal.” PL

On coming to the clinic which I found easy (after a 4hr trip), the doctors are friendly and very informative with everything. After my 4th and 5th sesh’ there was improvement and hopefully this will continue. What they do here is by far the best thing I have heard of dealing with Peyronie’s. Long may it continue.

P.S. Thanks Steph” GS

“My experience of Peyronie’s started about 4 years ago. I went to see a urologist at Addenbrookes, who said to have an operation which frightened the life out of me. I lived with this problem for about 3 years having no intimacy.

My wife & I decided enough was enough & to seek a 2nd opinion. We went to a clinic in Harley St. which was still off putting, the Dr didn’t show any understanding or empathy at all.

Then we found Mans Matters.

I spoke to Charles on the phone who totally understood everything, so we made an appointment to come here. I met Anthony for the first consultation, & he totally changed my perception of the people I had to deal with & the treatment available.

Have since finished the treatment & cannot thank the whole team enough for their understanding, kindness and professionalism which was missing in my life with this condition.” RH (& Gail)

“My symptoms had been with me for over a year and the curvature and pain were starting to intrude in what (luckily for me) had always been a fantastic sex life with my lady partner of 10 years.

Only time will tell BUT after 4 or 5 treatments I have definitely have much stronger and PAIN FREE erections! And ejaculation feels as good as ever.” GS (a different one)

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