Peyronie’s disease can be caused by minor injury to the penis. This injury is often caused by vigorous sexual intercourse, for example, bending the penis during penetration or from undue pressure from your partner’s pubic bone.

It can also be caused by sports injuries, such as a ball hitting the penis or otherwise what appear initially as minor accidents such as being kicked by a child. The injury can then cause scar tissue to develop in the cells of the penis. This scar tissue then forms what is known as the plaque of Peyronie’s disease – a hard lump on the erection tissue.

There are other reasons for Peyronie’s disease plaques formation. Health related issues, such as high blood sugar, tobacco use, or historic pelvic trauma may help cause Peyronie’s disease.

Additionally, men with connective tissue disorders, such as Dupuytren’s contractures may suffer from it. While there can also be a genetic link where men who have a family member who suffers with Peyronie’s disease have an increased likelihood of getting it.