Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options

Like most every man, you will know when you have erectile dysfunction. You don’t need a doctor or partner to tell you. Some men don’t even want to discuss it with their doctors and the last thing they want is to broadcast it to their friends.

For many men it could be the single most embarrassing fact about themselves that they have ever faced. And the tendency with most men is to remain reticent and keep it hidden from others. Up until 20-years ago, most men simply suffered in silence.

But in 1998 Viagra hit the world with a storm. Suddenly erectile dysfunction was accepted as a medical condition not a form of ridicule and there was the promise of an instant cure. But whilst that might have been the case for some men, not all could say thank you and job done.

Some of the Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options

The first is a vacuum pump. These are relatively cheap and can be bought online quite cheaply, delivered in a brown box, so no widespread announcing of the condition.

To use it you put the penile pump over your penis and switch the device on. At this point the pump sucks out air in the pump causing a vacuum. The vacuum cause blood to be drawn up blood into your penis and hey presto you have a hard erect penis. But it won’t allow you to have spontaneous sexual intercourse and in fact may be a turn-off to your partner as you go through the rigmarole of setting device in action.

For men that prefer a more discreet approach, Caverject injections can be prescribed by a doctor. These are injected into your penis and cause the blood vessels to widen so more blood can shoot up into the penis. They take 5 to 15-minutes for the full effect and normally have a much stronger effect than Viagra. Caverject should be used no more than 3 times per week, with at least 24-hours between each use

Hormone injections can also be used to improve sexual desire or low testosterone. They won’t improve erectile dysfunction but will certainly get you in the mood.

But all these methods above are temporary and may not work for everyone.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options – The Alternative Approach

A new ground-breaking treatment, focused shockwave therapy can create permanent improvements.

Focused shockwave therapy is now the gold standard for erectile dysfunction treatment. Focused shockwave therapy creates new and repairs existing blood vessels and rejuvenates nerve tissue, leading to fuller, harder and spontaneous erections.

For some men the problems are psychological brought on by money worries, divorce, work stress and anxiety. If you suffer from any of these issues and have ED, you could consult a specialist sex therapist. Often a combination of their help together with focused shockwave therapy can result in dramatic improvements and roll back sexual aging.

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